Use of the lake by a member of the HOA, a member’s family-including children, and a member’s guest(s) means that the HOA member expressly agrees to be bound by the rules.  Any behavior inconsistent with the lake rules means that the HOA member assumes the risk of the lake use and such behavior— By a member’s use of the lake, the member agrees to hold Calvary Lake HOA harmless and indemnify Calvary Lake HOA for such use.

1.      Each member of Calvary Lake HOA, homeowner, is responsible for the behavior of their family and guest(s) while using the lake.

2.      A resident of Calvary Lake HOA must accompany all guests while at the lake.

3.      Fishing is permitted provided that each person fishing complies with the proper state and local laws that regulate fishing.  The lake is catch and release, thus, no one is authorized to take fish from the lake without the express written consent of the board.

4.      NO swimming or fuel-based motorized watercraft is allowed in the lake.  Electric powered watercraft is permitted.

5.      NO children under the age of 14 may operate a watercraft on the lake without an adult present and participating.

6.      NO putting foreign objects, such as chemicals, trash, trees, grass clippings and batteries into the lake.

7.      NO manipulation of the lake level, composition, or content is allowed without the permission of the board.

8.      Watercraft size and type must be approved by the board.

9.      NO horseplay is allowed in or around the common area.

10.   NO alcohol in or around the watercraft that is on the lake.

11.   You are required by Georgia law to render whatever assistance is necessary to any person involved in a boating accident unless you would endanger yourself or passengers on your watercraft.

12.   You must report accidents to the board by the quickest means possible if there is:

a.       Death or disappearance of a person from a boat under circumstances that indicate death or injury.

b.       Injury requiring first aid or medical attention

c.       Property damage exceeding $500 to all boats, docks, etc. involved in the accident

13.   All watercraft must have at least one U.S. Coast Guard approved Type I, II, III or V personal flotation device (PFD) for each person onboard and a copy of these rules.  Georgia law (New Life Jacket Requirement, Effective May 15, 2013: requires that children under 13 years old wear a personal flotation device (PFD) when aboard a moving vessel on Georgia waters.

14.   Residents and guests are responsible for placing all trash in the trash receptacle located in the pavilion.    

Violation of these rules may subject the HOA member to violation of criminal and civil law.

Calvary Lake HOA reserves the right to administer fines, liens or suspend member use for the violation of the rules.

Updated July 9th, 2019